Tour the VPS management panel

Managing your VPS at BoxSrv is simple, all designed and built into your billing / client area - Allowing you to manage your server at ease and without having to go to a seperate control panel. Hover the images and click on each image to move to the next, and enjoy! Don't forget to checkout our new German VPS packages!

Overview Main overview / statistics and info
Our VPS control panel is built into our billing management system, allowing you full control over your VPS whenever you want, just login to our system and off you go! Also allowing you to see detailed information such as the IP, hostname, load averages, ram usage, bandwidth and so much more - The ability to do every function required is there! - With this also adds extra security - No longer providing any public links to the 'master server' to the public, it makes life harder for milicious people.
Essential functions Functions
As standard you get all the required functions. Should you need to restart the server, stop it or even reboot it, you have the options easy to access and readily available.

Not only that but you can just turn it off if required.

Monitoring usage Monitoring and usage
Everyone needs to know where they are at, so included in the system you can view detailed statistics such as ram, cpu, disk and more! You can even monitor the processes and you get access to very detailed graphs which allow you to monitor the usage from disk to ram to cpu usage. Allowing you to diagnose peak times, required upgrades and more.
Modifications Modifications
From the system you can modify your hostname, change the root password and see enabled services and processes. You can also use our control panel installer which will install panels such as cPanel/WHM in a click, allowing you to sit back and no longer worry about the technical installation.
OS Re-installer Re-installing the operating system <
With every vps package you get access to over 50 OS templates, ubuntu, debian, fedora, suse and so many more - You can also re-install and choose any image from the control panel, all these options are available after your order is setup.